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Further Usage of Web 2.0

Web-based applications and desktop

Ajax in the online receipt of imitation, such as word processing, spreadsheet and slide show presentation of the desktop applications. WYSIWYG wiki site has multiple attributes, computer authoring application. In 2006, Google acquired the major categories, one of the most famous attractions Uritely [33]

Several browser-based "operating system" has become EYEO [34], as well as for the development [35] Although this idea, because at least as a traditional operating system and applications start of many of the features of these services. . They simulate the user's desktop operating system, to provide similar functions and the application of the PC environment, experience, capacity-building, in any modern browser. However, monitoring of the user's computer hardware, these operating systems.

Many Web-based application service point bubble '1997 - 2001, and then disappears, he did not achieve the critical mass of users. 2005 UebEks bought one of the most famous of these 4500 million [36]
[Edit] Applications and the Internet
Article: Rich Internet Applications
[Edit] RSS and XML feed

Network of supporters and "2.0" may be related to release of Web 2.0 content and features, such as there is no standardized protocol, so that end users can use different background map data (for example, to another site, related to individual desktop applications or visit plug-ins). An agreement to allow the Association to our RSS (Really Simple Syndication - Internet publication also know), RDF (including RSS 1.1) and Atom, based on XML. Observers have begun to these technologies, as well as "network feeding and Web 2.0 usability and easier for developing countries instead of job-seekers icon RSS icon.

Special agreement

Like a fucking professional and Xinhua Finance (including social networking sites) to extend the site functionality or allow users to exchange, the agreement does not focus on the website.

Other records, as well as customer service KSMPP courier services
[Edit] Web API

Machine-based interaction, a common feature of Web 2.0 sites, using two network API, which allows Web access to databases and functions: rest and soap basic options.

1. Holiday (on behalf of the State Transfer) network API using the HTTP and XML interface (Ekstensible Markup Language) or the weight of JSON;
2. Post, including a detailed SOAP-XML message and the server, which can be very complex requirements, but the pre-defined instructions, the monitor server.

Servers typically use their own API and standard API (for example, set up their own blog or blog update notification) is also involved in widespread use. Air Pollution Index XML or JSON load by a number of communications.

Language to describe Web services (USDL) is a SOAP API's publications and data services, the number of sites.

See also EMML Enterprise Mashup mash Open Alliance.

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